n Onca, we decided to innovate and design our own camouflage based on multiple trials and extensive experience. We have patented a camouflage that allows integrating into the nature and going undetected for animals, while attractive to hunters and others who need to wear camouflage.

Likentex S.L. was founded by experts in the field of designing and manufacturing of fabrics. They applied their knowledge and extensive experience to the world of hunting by creating high end hunting gear and thus, creating ONCA.
To do this, we have developed our own fabrics, our own pattern, and we are part of the production process done in Spain.


  • Hight breathability
  • Thermal comfort
  • Water resistant
  • Windproof
  • Lightness
  • Resistance
  • Silent
  • High capacity camouflage

Our goal is to make technical hunting clothing and gear with the highest quality to help hunters increase their chances of success in the field.


Our passion is to innovate and develop our own fabrics to suit the needs of each hunting gear. This is our commitment with the quality.


We pay personal attention to each client in order to enhance your experience using our technical hunting clothing.


We combine our experience in hunting with the know-how in the design and manufacture of technical clothing.

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