Oncatherm hunting gloves are designed for use throughout the year. The fabric used provides great thermal comfort, high breathability, quick drying and has a high resistance to snags and tears. This fabric also includes natural fibers that act as an activated carbon and also a bactericidal treatment with silver salts, thus avoiding the generation of odors through continued use.

Our gloves have a simple design, with an adjustment to low wrist, preventing bother with watches or a release, with sleeve or with our jackets. Its design allows a perfect fit to the hand, in the palm, dotted silicone has been applied to ensure grip in any situation, preventing sweat or rain to lose grip adjustment.

This gloves can be used separately or as a base layer for very cold temperatures in combination with another glove for greater protection against the cold.


OncaShell hunting gloves are designed for use in cold climates or in situations where we must protect our hands from external elements such as rocks, spine, etc. The fabrics used in their manufacture provide thermal comfort, high breathability, windproof effect and high tear strength and abrasion.

At the top of the gloves we use our fabric Oncashell also has high bactericidal and repellent treatment. In the palm, fingertips and index finger outside one used softshell with outside layer of synthetic material with high resistance to abrasion, excellent grip in any situation and excellent touch.

This hunting gloves have a simple design allows an excellent fit to the hand, wrist closure is made with velcro at the bottom of the wrist avoiding this bother using clock, and a small handle is incorporated into the bottom of the wrist to do easier the placement of the glove.

All this properties makes the Oncashell hunting gloves the perfect complement to our days of hunting in the mountains with cold or very cold temperatures, and can be used alone or as a second layer.

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