rom the beginning we knew a camouflage pattern would be one of our identifying traits for ONCA, so we decided to design our own pattern. We studied the different designs available on the market, from the natural imitations like Mossy Oak and Realtree to the latest trends in pattern.

For ONCA, we were more interested in the latest trend of patterns and we started working on a pattern that would successfully break up ones silhouette to keep you unseen by animals regardless of terrain. We designed multiple patterns in different colors and tested them all in the field to assess the effectiveness in different terrain and how the animals reacted. We used the results to decide on the best pattern with color combination and improved it to obtain the camo pattern that would meet the needs and expectations of the hunter.

We are convinced that we have achieved our goal for ONCA to create a camo pattern for our technical hunting gear that allows us to get closer to the animals and will increase the chances of success.


ONCASHELL is our softshell fabric developed by ONCA. It is used for the jacket and pants, softshell vest, and cap. The fabric is 100% Polyester composed of 2 layers- The polyester outer and the fleece liner.


The usual way to build a wind proof, breathable fabric is using PTFE, PU or a polyester membrane. These membranes, which are highly breathable, sometimes get limited by the other layers of fabrics. We developed a fabric that protects against the wind without a membrane and still maintains a high breathability


Thanks to our OncaShell fabric we are able to maintain body temperature and prevent the wind from getting through the clothing. We get this from the outer layer of fabric because it is built with polyester microfiber yarn that creates a high-density structure that prevents the passage of wind.

We wanted to create a fabric that is durable for hunting in the mountains, but also warm, water repellent, wind proof, and silent without sacrificing breathability.


We have developed a powerful Teflon based water repellent that is very durable. The Teflon base makes water droplets slide off the fabric, preventing them from penetrating the fabric. Although it’s not water proof, you will avoid getting wet while walking through wet vegetation or under occasional rain.


Fleece is capable of holding a large amount of air in a controlled volume; this air is heated by our body and in turn gives us heat. Thanks to its high wicking fibers, sweat is transported quickly to the outer layer of fabric which helps to keep your body dry.


We developed the fabric with a slight stretch for added freedom of movement.. This, together with its high breathability, wicking properties and warmth will help you have a comfortable hunt.


The closed structure and mesh construction of the outer fabric makes it highly resistant to tearing and snagging. Vegetation that typically punctures and snags clothing, just slides across the surface.


ONCAFRESH fabric developed by ONCA is used in our base layer shirt for the spring and summer months. The composition of the fabric is quick dry polyester fibers with a silver ion treatment.


The high wicking properties is thanks to the quick dry polyester fibers and structuring the fabric with micro channels to allow the quick dispersal of sweat when it makes contact with the fabric and has a fast drying time.


The fabric has small holes that allows air to circulate between the fabric and your skin, giving it a cooling effect.


We found a good balance between lightness and strength. Since the main objective with the development of the OncaFresh fabric was for use in a warm environment, we didn’t forget to make it strong against snags and tears as well.


This fabric makes for a very comfortable shirt. Thanks to the elasticity, lightness, and high capillarity it allows us to feel cool and dry. We developed the fabric for the warmer temperatures, so preventing bacterial growth and odor is very important and to do this we used a silver ion treatment.

The goal when developing this fabric was to make a shirt that was cool with great absorption of sweat and dries quickly. We also wanted it to have good stretch, be tear resistant and scent protection.


ONCATHERM fabric was developed by ONCA, to be used as a base layer. We have used the material for our Oncatherm shirt, Neck gaiter, and Beanie. The fabric is composed of polyester, elastomer and carbon fiber.


The main property of this fabric is maintaining body temperature. For this, we have used polyester fibers combined with carbon fibers and an elastomer to stay close to the body to avoid loss of body heat.


Very comfortable material thanks to its elasticity, lightness, inner finish and scent lock function. The carbon fibers and silver ion treatment allows us to use the gear on hunting trips where packing light is important.

The goal for developing the OncaTherm fabric is to keep your body temperature regulated and have a high breathability with sweat wicking to keep us dry while hunting.


Compared to other base layer fabrics in the market our OncaTherm has a higher resistance to snags and tears. This is achieved by the dense structure of the outer fabric and the high elasticity.


The fibers of the inner part of the fabric are a combination of quick dry polyester fibers and carbon fibers. This provides the OncaTherm fabric a perfect balance of warmth, breathability, and sweat wicking.


ONCAELASTIC is a fabric developed by ONCA used for bielastic pants, bielastic jacket and cap. It is designed for active hunting in any season.

When we consider ONCA tissue development ONCAELASTIC, the requirements that our development team scored were:

Great comfort of use
Elasticity in every way (4-ways)
High breathability
High temperature range of use
Water repellent high performance and durability
Tear resistance and fouling
The fabric should be quiet
Anti odor
After months of development and numerous prototypes, we came up with the best balance for all the properties described in one tissue. The resulting product is a compound of polyester fibers with charcoal particles elastomer combined with tissue.

This resulting fabric, we should be able to design and manufacture high end technical hunting gear with high performance and also with our camo IBEX. The strength and elasticity of this tissue they give these 2 components:

The polyester is the basis of tissue that is recognized as a synthetic fiber with high resistance to all kinds of factors and on the other hand the percentage of elastomer provides high elasticity which increases the strength thereof, this tissue is considered 4 -ways as it is elastic in all directions, making it extremely comfortable. With these two materials we get when we walk in the field thorns and branches slide over the surface avoiding to snagging and thus increasing the life of our clothes.

When we walk in the field thorns and branches slide over the surface avoiding to snagging and thus increasing the life of our clothes


Insertions of carbon in polyester fibers largely contribute to this fabrics breathability, and together with the brushing of the inner fabric provides quick absorption and moisture transfer to the outside so we feel dry. These fibers reduce potential odors that are a result of perspiration to provide active carbons.


We have developed a powerful waterproofing with the objective that the water slides off the fabric as much as possible so it does not feel wet. We have achieved varying the surface of wet tissue and thus the water drop barely touches the tissue, which facilitates the evacuation of water droplets without leaving wet marks. This treatment is very important as it will allow us to be comfortable in situations of rain, snow, etc. without feeling wet, but we must remember that it is not a waterproof.


Is one of the strengths of this fabric as it is light and very elastic allowing complete freedom of movement, and the internal brushing is very comfortable to wear and increases breathability.

All the garments using this fabric are extremely versatile and can be used for most of the year, since they will be very comfortable, durable, water-repellent and silent. We could say that these clothes will be valid for spring, summer, autumn and even in some winter conditions but always we take a base layer according to low temperatures.


ONCAWARM is a fabric developed by ONCA GEAR used for Oncawarm Ibex Jackets. It is designed for hunter in static situations.
OncaWarm is a sandwich composed of an outer fabric, a thermal fiberfill and an inner membrane that ensures the hunter thermal comfort at low temperatures.


The outer fabric has been developed to be silent, highly resistant to snags and tears making the branches and thorns slip off when we walk in the mountains, avoiding rips and solving one of the biggest problems of this type of clothing. It is an effective windbreaker without losing its high breathability, and has a water-repellent treatment that provides some resistance to water but we must remember that it is not waterproof.

OncaWarm thermal line is designed to provide thermal comfort necessary to hunter in static situations.


The thermal padding inside is the result of multiple developments and laboratory tests to achieve high thermal efficiency, ensuring that in static situations hunters can endure long periods of time at low temperatures without thermal comfort. These fibers also have insertion of charcoal particles which gives Scent lock properties.


Finally, the absorbent inner lining laminate acts as a second barrier of windproofing, ensures breathability and avoids the uncomfortable feeling of moisture inside of the garment as it will enable the condensate (moisture) generated inside due to exercise or weather conditions, does not stay inside the garment and thus will always remain dry.


As well, the products in our ONCAWARM line can significantly compress to take up minimal space in our backpacks.

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